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We offer competitive rates for all of the cleaning services we provide.

Window Cleaning - 
Window Cleaner Newcastle upon tyne
  • Residential - houses,flats and bungalows
  • Commercial - shops, offices, Restaurants and Hotels  
  • Industrial - office blocks and industrial units
  •  And more!
Our Reach and Wash System can be used to heights up to 70 feet
Every member of our team is trained in cleaning techniques for efficient and spotless results 
To see a Reach and Wash System in action just click on this link

Cleaning Windows in Newcastle upon tyneSolar Panel Cleaning-  We are the North East's ONLY Clean Solar Solution's approved contractor - the industry leaders'
If you have recently had solar panels installed, whether it be a few months ago or years ago, it is essential that you have them cleaned by a professional company which use the correct equipment
You may think that in the UK with all our rainfall it washes the dirt off, however this is not true
Dirt and dust from traffic pollution, fallen leaves and especially bird droppings do reduce the effectiveness of the solar panels 
Industry recommendation is that you have your solar panels cleaned approximately twice a year
Newcastle District cleaning use the latest unique ‘reach and wash’ system,using 100% purified water and it is provided by a state of the art ‘reverse osmosis system’. This ensures perfect results and is safe for your solar panels without using chemicals or detergents which could damage the panels.We cover the whole of the North East specialising in solar panel cleaning
Prices start from £30

Newcastle upon tyne window cleanersConservatory Roof Cleaning
Prices start from £30  


                          Gutter Cleaning and Clearing
                         Prices start from £30  

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