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How you pay your window cleaning bill has now changed


Hassle free, we clean your windows as normal then simply debit
your registered bank account AFTER cleaning

This offers piece of mind that you will never miss a clean, pay too
much or accumulate a debt

Once a payment has been processed by us an automatically generated email is sent to your email address notifying you we have requested payment from your bank account

You have complete control and can stop/start D/D authorisation at anytime

We will always leave a receipt to say that we have cleaned your windows on the day of each clean 

This is our payment method of choice and we are encouraging all our customers to sign up with

One time registration saves you time and money sending cheques and it's also more convenient than individual card payments

To sign up takes minutes and all future payments will be debited from your bank account AFTER your windows have been cleaned

Newcastle District Cleaning does not store your financial information and all transactions are managed by

The Direct debit Guarantee (or the 'Direct Debit Indemnity') is the Direct Debit scheme's customer protection. The guarantee protects customers' against payments made in error or fraudulently, making Direct Debit the UK's safest payment method

We still offer other payment methods however we appreciate prompt payment

We accept cash on the day your windows are cleaned

Sort Code 77-20-19
Account Number 19320060
Please add your address as a reference

Please go to Paypal page

We do accept cheques, however only for a minimum of £15
due to excessive bank charges
Please make cheques payable to 'Newcastle District Cleaning'
and send to :-
Newcastle District Cleaning Limited
Unit 13 Denmark Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne


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